Managing Your Assets

General Management : Our general management consulting & training will help all dealership executives, from the newly promoted GM to the seasoned veteran. We will work with your dealership's GM in reviewing all of your store's critical financial data, compared to industry leading dealer standards, seeking out gross improvement and cost reduction opportunities. We will also review with your GM many of the areas of financial exposure in today's regulatory environment such as "Do Not Call", Can Spam Act 2003", "MSDS", "Privacy Acts", "Hiring/Firing Practices", "Harassment", "Form 8330", "HazMat" .etc, to ensure familiarity and compliance.

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Human Resources: Your employees are your greatest asset and also your greatest liability. Your dealership's hiring practices and decisions made can determine whether employees become assets or liabilities. Our consultants and tools can help your dealership in developing or improving hiring practices that are compliant and effective in adding quality employees that will meet your needs for years to come. We recognize that every dealership is different and have varied resources available, let us customize an in house or outsourced program that will work for you.

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