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Call Tracking, Call Recording, Digital Voice Mail, Digital Faxing, Campaign Reports and more, without any Long-Term Contracts!

 Kall8 provides you an online campaign manager so you can determine which advertising campaign is driving traffic into your dealership, while providing you the opportunity to listen to customer calls for quality control. Why pay higher prices with company’s locking you into long-term contracts, forcing you to commit to a package of numbers and charging you outrageous per minute usage fees?

Kall8 can do the same for less while allowing you to customize your service now and in the future!

Check out Kall8 before you sign-up or renew with any other similar service and start saving today!

Guest Concepts provides a fresh approach to selling cars and presenting numbers. The Guest Concepts software helps you instantly create a Customer-Friendly presentation that helps you get off of price and onto Payment and Down Payment which are the motivating factors in most Car buying decisions. Finally the presentation helps the Salesperson explain the relationship between Payment and Down Payment and helps the Salesperson get additional Down Payment because of a simple stair-stepped approach. Putting this presentation in the hands of the Salesperson has a huge impact on their confidence. The Guest Concepts approach will help you Sell the Customer the first time.

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Internet Mystery Shopping 

We can keep you in touch with how your staff is handling your internet leads via e-mail and phone contact through our Internet Mystery Shopping service. Utilizing this service will help you maintain consistent execution of your documented processes while allowing you the opportunity to catch any deviation from them or any potential regulatory compliance issues. We have Internet Mystery Shopping packages starting as low as $99 per month.

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The Total Employment Kit for Auto Dealerships

A Step-by-Step Plan to Attract, Retain & Motivate
High-Performance Employees


The purpose of this kit is to make life easier and more profitable for retail automotive dealers and their managers.  Most dealerships are sorely in need of better people.  It’s not that the people they hire are bad; it’s just that they have a bad hiring process. As they say…“You can’t teach a pig to sing. It just frustrates you, and it annoys the pig.” You can order this complete do it yourself employment kit for $995 and have the author John Putzier personally walk you through its contents by contacting us below. 

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