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Sales Process:  Our sales process consulting & training will help all sales professionals, from the new recruit to the seasoned veteran. Automotive dealership sales processes tend to be very similar and generally the real differences are in the manager’s skill level and the execution of the process by their sales staff in developing a relationship with your clients. We focus our efforts on helping your staff to become effective communicators, by teaching them how to listen to the client and gather the information necessary to close deals more often, with higher grosses and CSI.
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Lease & Lease Renewal Training:  Nationally, leasing has become has become very factory program driven and usually only presented to a customer when there is a perceived “good payment”, unfortunately not providing customers the option to lease, regardless of the factory supported programs available is likely costing you deals and gross. Our training will help your sales staff better understand the benefits of leasing to the customer, dealership and most of all to themselves. We will also develop and launch a lease renewal process that will turn your terminating lessees into renewal opportunities to grow your business with higher close rates and lowering your overall cost per sale.
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Internet Sales: Today, the Internet is part of most shoppers' car-buying process. Your dealership's ability to convert those “digital tire kickers” into physical showroom ups is critical to your success. We have implemented proven e-business processes with many of the nation’s top performing dealerships, increasing close rates, while reducing the cost per sale.  We can customize an internet sales process for you whether you would like to utilize a Dedicated Lead Manager, BDC or Sales Floor approach.

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Business Development Center (BDC): is the department of the 2000’s that F&I was in the 80’s, not everyone has a BDC, but most have heard of both the successes and pitfalls.  Our staff has worked with very successful dealership BDCs, as well as those which overcame numerous challenges. Our consultants will work with you and your staff to build the ideal BDC that will meet your goals. We will guide you through staffing decisions, interviewing, room setup, process mapping, staff training and ongoing process execution.  We will also work with your BDC to measure growth and maximize the effectiveness of your CRM tool, in addition to providing you with monthly reports to track progress and monitor your desired return on investment.

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