Bringing Em' Back - Fixed Ops Consulting and Training

Service Process Consulting and Training: We’ll evaluate  all of your critical data measurements including labor mix, all effective labor rates, technician efficiency – productivity-proficiency, hours per R.O., lines per R.O., parts to labor ratio, open RO’s, facility utilization and advisor sales performance. We’ll work with your staff to improve their customer handling techniques to maximize all customer pay sales opportunities increasing your dealerships absorption rate, customer satisfaction and owner loyalty. We will also work with you and your management staff to develop effective department forecasting methods to plan your department’s future versus hoping for its success. Our team can also assist you with analyzing your current service department marketing strategies to improve your customer pay traffic count by utilizing innovative database mining opportunities.

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Parts Department Consulting and Training:  Our consultant will assist you with minimizing your parts frozen capital through the review of your departments stock order criteria, special order parts delivery, lost sales tracking, wholesale to retail mix, pricing matrix and parts obsolescence. We will also work with your management staff to develop standards to maximize your gross profitability for shop, parts counter and wholesale opportunities by focusing on customer service delivery. Our staff will also help you improve your team's interaction with your service department to improve your technicians overall performance by minimizing wait time at the parts counter and overall tech idle time.

Download our Fixed Ops Process Consulting and Training Packages


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